Turnkey Car Leasing Solution

Multi-brand Car Leasing in Switzerland:
Over 2 or 3 years, 20’000 km per year included!

All vehicles are delivered within three weeks of order (Recent cars = max 2 years of age and 30’000km) and max 4-12 weeks (New Cars). The price indicates the monthly cost for a leasing period of 3 years, including 20’000 km per year, with no requirement for instalment payments. The colour of the vehicle satisfies the most frequent standards (black, grey, white).

Not included in the prices below are insurances (we can help you through our partner www.myswissinsurance.ch), road taxes, cost for services, repair of the car, etc. Full comprehensive leases are only possible for companies, not for individuals.

Flexible Leasing – We couldn’t give you more flexibility: The lease can be extended by 12 or 24 months (more on request). In the period of the extension you can give back the car at any month end (with one month’ s prior notice).

Please select the vehicle of your choice

BMW X3 Xdrive 20d Steptronic
1325 chf/month
Land Rover Sport HSE Dynamic
1990 chf/month
BMW X1 20d xDrive (2016)
991 chf/month
Audi Q3
1041 chf/month
VW Touran
726 chf/month
Volvo XC90 D5
1568 chf/month
Audi Q7
1639 chf/month
KIA Sorento
1190 chf/month
Hyundai Grand Santa fe
1010 chf/month
VW Passat
861 chf/month
Audi A4
927 chf/month
Skoda Fabia
395 chf/month
VW Golf
654 chf/month
Audi A3 Sportback
805 chf/month
Volvo XC60 D5
929 chf/month
Audi SQ5
1407 chf/month
Audi TTS Coupé
1217 chf/month
Audi S4 Avant
1171 chf/month
Opel Adam
310 chf/month
VW Tiguan
850 chf/month
Volvo XC90 D5
1106 chf/month
Nissan Qashqaï+2
783 chf/month
Audi Q5
1014 chf/month
Range Rover Evoque
1014 chf/month
BMW X1 18D
816 chf/month
Audi Q7
1387 chf/month
Mini Countryman
708 chf/month
VW Sharan
780 chf/month
Opel Zafira Tourer (Recent car)
812 chf/month
VW Polo
382 chf/month
Mini cooper
487 chf/month

What are my options at the end of the lease?

1. We take back the vehicle if you have to leave Switzerland.

2. You may extend the lease period or buy the Vehicle.


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