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About Leaseacar

Leaseacar.ch is a 100% digital multi-brand car leasing solution. We specialize in like-new cars of 2 years and 30,000 kilometers with a minimum of 1 year manufacturer warranty. This has proven to be the best car entry point for a good leasing deal.

This digital hassle-free experience is made possible by team Autociel. Markus Haefeli owns leaseacar.ch and founded Autociel SA in 2002, the now leading car services company for expats in Switzerland. 

The end vision of this combo of digital solution and experienced car experts is to offer online tools to help customers budget their car choices on their own. Once your choice is made our team starts the procuring process until the car is delivered. Hassle-free!


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Team Leaseacar


Markus is a young-spirited entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in the car industry. He established Autociel in 2002 and later myswissinsurance.ch and leaseacar.ch with a vision of offering tailored solutions to all the expats’ mobility and insurance requirements. An expert in the fields of buying, selling, leasing or importing a car, Markus has been the Vice President of VFAS Swiss Association of Independent Vehicle Traders since 2012.

Markus Haefeli

Eric works with Team Autociel since 2017. He comes with over 25 years of experiences in strategies to help accelerating business development using traditional IT solutions and the latest digital marketing products available. He’s a true entrepreneur who has built and sold business’ in the IT consulting field and audio streaming.

Eric Whitlock
Marketing Manager

Adrien has been an integral part of Autociel for the last 10 years. An expert multi-tasker, he manages everything from planning deliveries to drawing up client contracts to offering sales advice. A patient and jovial person by nature, Adrien cares deeply about his work and possesses a natural disposition towards enjoying life in general.

Adrien Spertini
Executive Assistant

Mark is a multi-talented professional with years of experience in the Swiss car industry. Apart from working as a Sales Assistant in Autociel where he handles majority of paper-works for car import, inspection and registration, he is also an accomplished illustrator and entrepreneur.

Mark Mestre
Sales Assistant

Johanna joined the team of Autociel in 2018. Thanks to her training as a business economist and her daily roles as a collaborator, mom and musician, Johanna quickly learned to juggle the tasks of her specifications ranging from accounting to financial analysis, through HR administrative management. Very quickly, she made a place in this small, friendly and professional team, to which she does not fail to bring her sprig of humor and femininity.

Johanna Leimgruber

Flavio comes with 7 years of experience and is responsible for delivering your car to your doorstep. He has been instrumental in offering an awesome customer experience since then. I jovial person by nature, Flavio enjoys hiking, swimming and other sports. He loves to spend his free time with his friends and family.

Flavio Dal Bo

Coming from the background of a military driver, Phillipe has been a part of Autociel for the last 9 years. He is responsible for timely delivery of your car, customs clearance and registration of your vehicles. A fitness enthusiast by nature, Phillpe enjoys a variety of sports. In his free time, he loves to travel and dabble in photography.

Phillipe Comte

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