How it Works


Step 1 Car Selection

Car selection is simple with leaseacar. You can see cars from over 35 brands and 170 models in the View Cars Page where you can filter the cars by brand, model types and monthly budget. You can conveniently add or remove these criteria to filter out the list and select on your future car.


Step 2 Let us know your leasing preference

Once you’ve selected a car, you can further use the lease calculator in the car details page to adjust the monthly budget. You can choose the leasing duration from 1 to 5 years, and yearly kilometers from 10’000 to 50’000 to calculate the monthly budget. You can lease the car with Zero down payments as well. Once your car is selected and your monthly budget is set, please share your contact details and press submit, we will get back to you.


Step 3 Fill-up the lease form to get leasing eligibility

Now that you have shared your car choice and monthly budget preference, we would need to get your leasing eligibility checked. It’ll take about 10 minutes and your Passport, Residency Permit, Salary slips for 3 months . You can fill the form right after submitting your car preference or do it at a later point in time. You can access your lease form via a link we send in your email inbox or use the ‘Access my lease form’ button on the top of the page. It takes 24-48 hrs for us to check your leasing eligibility and get back to you.


Step 4 Finding Your Future Car - We take care of it for you

Once the leasing eligibility is confirmed, we search for your future car via our extensive network of trusted car sources. Our car experts find multiple cars that fits your preference, verify the cars to check the perfect condition and maintenance history. We get back to you with pictures and details of the shortlisted like-new cars. You have a car expert from leaseacar who coordinates via email and phone call to help you select your future car.


Step 5 Purchase the lease- We take care of it for you

Now that you have finalized your future car selection with leaseacr car expert, we would send you the leaseacar contract to confirm your car selection and make the first payment, so we can go ahead and buy the car for you. We take care of all paperwork regarding the leasing as well and all you have to do is to sign the contract document and make the first payment.


Step 6 Before Delivery Quality Control- We take care of it for you

The leasing contract in place, your future car now goes to our partner garage for the technical quality control and the car preparation for delivery. The car technical quality control and preparation check list comprise of over 40 points to ensure that the car is in perfect condition. That’s not all. Once your future car is at the Leaseacar office, our car expert execute the equipment and administrative quality control check list of over 30 points to ensure that the car delivery happens flawlessly.


Step 7 Car Delivered to YournDoorstep- We take care of it for you

All quality control now successfully completed, our dedicated drivers pick up your future car at leasecar office drive it to you the registration center of your residing canton will all necessary documentation. Once that done our driver deliver the car with our compliment ready to drive and registered to your doorstep anywhere in Switzerland.


Step 8 End of Lease

At the end of the lease period, you have 4 options; you can extend your lease term, you can buy the car at the previously agreed price, simply hand your keys to our dedicated driver, your contract now over, or lease another like new car and our driver take over your previous car while delivering the new one. In case of early termination of the lease, our team helps you in every step of the way, just call us.


Step 9 Help with Car Insurance- We can help

If you would like to get your car insurance in a similar hassle-free way, let us know. Our partner can help you with that.

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