Volvo XC90 T8 7 seater Hybrid

Engine: Hybrid
gearbox: auto
Transmission: auto
Featured equipement: AC | leather | navi | xenon |


Best-suited to the expat’s needs:

per month (2 years): CHF 2451

per month (3 years): CHF 1817

20’000km/anno, no instalment payment

Lowest monthly option:

per month (5 years): CHF 981

10’000km/anno; 20% instalment payment

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Approx. yearly Insurance cost: CHF 2080*


Approx. yearly Road tax cost: CHF 270**

Recent car, with maximum 30’000 Km and max 2 years old. As good as new, but cheaper.
*Important: This is only a price example, based on the following criteria: 45 years old, owning a driver's license for more than 10 years, no accident in the last 5 years.
**Based on the Vaud canton registration office, other cantons can differ slightly.

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